15 Growing Instagram Follower Tactics

Whether we have a personal or corporate account, we all want to see our Instagram following grow.

Whatever your motive, we’ve compiled a list of 15 strategies to grow your Instagram following – read on to find out which ones work best for you!

15 ways to boost your Instagram follower count

1. Make your Instagram bio and profile more appealing.

Take advantage of buy instagram likes cheap profile features, which may seem self-evident. Potential followers can get a sense of who you are by looking at your profile picture and reading your bio.

Use the website link tool to link to your own website, things you’ve discussed, or a particular cause you’re passionate about.

Also, make your username as search-friendly as possible by making it memorable and avoiding the usage of numerals or unusual characters.

2. Maintain a posting schedule that is constant.

Posting on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to increase your Instagram following.

Don’t post at random, or even worse, don’t post at all! You may take advantage of ideal posting times here, which are periods during the week when the app is busier and it’s preferable to post then.

Don’t bombard your fans with ten new posts per day. Instead, post a couple of times every day at appropriate times.

3. Plan ahead of time for Instagram postings.

Despite the fact that the Instagram algorithm has altered to show users more of what they like, publishing at the proper times will still enhance the total engagement of your photos.

Scheduling posts ahead of time also allows you to keep a better eye on your feed and notice campaigns and themes more clearly.

Instagram offers a tool called ‘drafts,’ which allows you to plan your post and caption but upload it later.

4. Develop a recognizable brand and aesthetic style.

This entails more than just having a pleasing look! Maintaining an engaged following necessitates having a consistent brand or style.

To put it another way, don’t make each post too dissimilar from the last! Consider your Instagram grid as a single entity; each post should be easily identifiable.

You can always publish anything on your Instagram stories if it doesn’t exactly fit in your feed.

5. Collaborate with other companies and brands

If you truly want to reach a wider audience, collaborating with other like-minded users and sharing each other’s material is a terrific approach to accomplish it.

It’s a sure-fire approach to gain more followers if you can advertise yourself or your product with an influencer in your field.

Make sure you’re advertising something worthwhile; you don’t want to come out as overly pushy or needy for attention.

6. Be wary of phony Instagram followers.

People can simply figure out whether you’ve purchased Instagram followers, as previously said. This not only slows participation, but it also turns off potential followers.

If you have tens of thousands of followers but no one engages with your postings, your account will lose credibility. Actual followers will respond to your material by commenting, liking, and sharing it, essentially doing the work for you.

It’s even better when the other person responds, as this fosters a positive and responsive Instagram community!

7. Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms.

Promote your Instagram on other social media platforms, such as Facebook or TikTok. You may also connect your Instagram to your other social media accounts so that users can discover you whenever and wherever they want.

Let people know where they can find you if you genuinely want more Instagram followers. When it comes to building a loyal following, visibility is crucial.

Make sure to promote distinct content on each of your platforms so that users will want to follow you there. Make it clear that you’re not simply requesting a follow!

8. Create interesting captions

It’s just as vital to write longer captions as it is to submit the appropriate images! Here are some broad guidelines for writing a compelling caption:

  • Place the most crucial information at the top of the list. Users will have to tap’more’ to see the entire caption if it is long. Make sure what’s at the top of the page makes users want to learn more.
  • To encourage people to remark on your post, provide a question to your followers.
  • Emojis that are relevant to the text can be used to break up the text. This will make your message appear lighter and encourage others to interact favorably.
  • Experiment with various caption lengths. Long essays are not for everyone. Change up your captions between long and short to see which performs better on your profile!

9. Look for hashtags that are effective.

Hashtags are a tried-and-true way to grow your social following. Use hashtags that aren’t very broad or popular, or your post will be lost in the shuffle.

Find hashtags that your followers are more likely to check out or follow— unique hashtags are a great way to organize postings around hyper-relevant material.

Be conscious of what you’re labeling and how you may use it to grow your audience.

10. Invest time in cultivating relationships with your followers.

You’ll see an increase in growth and engagement if your followers are happy. Spend time responding to comments and DMs to make your followers feel valued and avoid appearing like an Instagram robot.

Treat your followers like friends whose opinions matter by sharing motivational pieces, memes, or whatever else comes to mind. You want your followers to feel like they’re following a real person, not a cyborg with a mind of its own.

The option to pin up to three comments on a post is one of Instagram’s newest features. There are a couple of ways to improve this feature:

If necessary, use the pinned remark to lengthen your caption.
You can also pin your favorite user comments, such as one from a celebrity or one that received a lot of laughter.

12. Make the most of the highlights of the stories

Story highlights are an excellent method to keep the material of your tales structured and easily accessible.

Don’t just have one highlight for everything; separate and organize them so that users can find what they’re searching for without having to sift through hundreds of tales.

You can also use consistent cover photographs for your story highlights, allowing them to blend in with the rest of your feed.

13. Add your location to the list.

This does not imply that your address should be tagged! If your article or story contains a location aspect, however, make it visible so that more people may locate it.

If you’re posting from an event, include your location so that other participants can locate it. If you’re wanting to advertise a business, this method works great. Tag your location so that users can get all of the information they need about your company in one place.

14. Follow accounts that are relevant to you.

The number of people you can follow on Instagram is limitless. Because others can see who you follow, it’s advisable to follow relevant users if you’re attempting to establish a following.

If you follow a creator who shares your interests, they may follow you back if they enjoy your page. The ‘Suggested For You’ option on Instagram is a great way to locate relevant accounts to follow.

This can be found in your feed between posts or on the right side of your computer screen. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow too many individuals at once; the ratio of followers to followers is critical.

15. Take advantage of Instagram’s data

You can examine specific analytics when you’ve converted your Instagram account to a business profile. Impressions, reach, engagement, top posts, and other metrics may be found for each post.

You can also learn about your followers’ demographics, such as their location, age, and gender. If you analyze this information on a regular basis, you’ll be able to figure out who and where you’re marketing to, as well as what’s working and what isn’t on your profile.

Some firms, such as Hootsuite, optimize your analytics for you. This type of software will help you take your social media management to the next level.

About the Author: Mendez Lorena