Welcome to the Weber School of Irish Dance, one of Chicagoland’s largest Irish dancing institutions. We offer students the opportunity to explore the rich culture of Ireland through dance. The school was founded in 1962, and through the years we have had the pleasure of training thousands upon thousands of students. The Weber School of Irish Dance works with each individual student, teaching determination, discipline, precision, and control.

The Weber faculty is composed of highly trained professionals who work with the students to motivate, train, and enhance style through the use of creative teaching techniques. The Weber dances showcase the rhythmic splendor of the hard shoe, and the eloquent grace of the ghillie. Students will learn Celtic Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Tipping Reels, and Set dances. The Weber School focuses not only on the steps, but on the entirety of the dance experience, teaching underlining values of friendship and integrity.

For over 40 years the Weber School of Irish Dance has been serving the Chicago area. Founded by Toni, Madeleine and Maggie Weber, the local dance troupe has the pleasure of offering its students exposure to the world of Irish dance by US Championship Winners in the minor, junior and senior divisions.About Us

At the innovative forefront of Irish dancing the Weber School has been a leader in the creative freedom that has now become a part of the tradition of the style. We were the first to introduce velveteen costumes to add to the visual experience, something that has now become widely used in Irish dance. We also were the first to have our girls perform hard shoe reels in a time when that was strictly reserved for male dancers; we were also the first to perform slip jig in hard shoes. Our chorography is original, and we focus on the entire dance experience. But with innovation, we never forget our roots.

Staying true to a dance that is steeped in its rich Celtic Christian values the Weber School trains its dancers in an aesthetically chaste form and style to perform an eye catching, hypnotic dance. We offer the percussive rhythm and precision of the hard shoe dances, the light-footed beauty of the ghillie shoe dances, and the spectacular drama that offers insight into the Irish experience and way of life. Our commitment to the traditional Celtic design has made the Weber Irish Dancers a troupe of renown in our community.

Today, we are still going strong, thriving as one of the largest schools in the Chicago land area with our founders still taking an active role in the school. In those 40 years we have continued to offer a practical approach to all our students and continue to teach the highest quality of dance. We are an affordable and easily accessible school that believes that the artistic nature of the Irish Dance should be offered to those who want to explore its rich cultural roots. To us, your growth should not be based on competition or fundraising but on learning at your own speed and according to your desire.