Few Great Reasons Why Should Hire A Security Guard

Having a professional security presence on site can provide you and your employees peace of mind.

While CCTV and alarm systems are effective deterrents for criminals, manned guarding cannot replace the physical security provided by manned guarding.

At Prime Secure, all of our security driver are SIA-certified and well trained to deal with potentially dangerous circumstances, allowing your employees to focus on their work without stress.

Here are some of the most beneficial services that a security service can provide:

1. Decrease Crime

A visible deterrent to criminals is a manned guarding presence on your premises in the shape of a uniformed security officer.

When a potential invader sees that you have security guards, they are likely to choose a different property to target, meaning that security personnel have greatly lowered the possibilities of crime occurring without lifting a finger.

2. Prevent Crime

Because not all criminals will be deterred by the presence of a security officer, they must be prepared to deal with active occurrences.

When experienced security personnel detect an intruder on your property, they will stop them from harming you.

3. Represent your company

Security personnel’s first job is to keep staff and customers safe, but in doing so, they will become a spokesperson of your company.

You could want to have a guard stationed at your front desk to help check visitor credentials and monitor the door, as they’ll be the first person a customer sees when they walk in.

When speaking with consumers and answering their questions, security officers will be kind and helpful, presenting your organization in the best light possible.

4. Provide emergency services

When an event occurs, it is critical that your security team be ready to respond as soon as possible.

Professional security guards will use your alarm and CCTV systems to pinpoint exactly when and where an issue is taking place so they can respond immediately.

5. Take quick decisions

When your security team arrives at an incident, they must make quick, pressured judgments that could mean the difference between life and death in some circumstances.

Professional security guards are trained to respond in a variety of situations and will react to the situation as it develops.

If you have a security policy in place, the security guard will memorize exactly what you want them to do in various instances and will make decisions based on that instruction.

6. Boost Your Productivity

Working in an environment where you do not feel comfortable is difficult, and it is not the type of workplace you want to create.

Simply having a security officer on site helps to establish a safe working atmosphere and allows employees to relax.

When employees feel safe and secure in their jobs, they will be more focused, and productivity will increase.

7. Entrust it to the experts

When you rely on unskilled personnel to respond to incidents, you’re bound to make blunders during a crisis.

During an emergency, the police, fire department, or paramedics may be called, and knowing who to collaborate with and work alongside these responders is crucial.

Security guards are not only trained to cooperate with emergency services, but they will also be able to recognize exactly who needs to be contacted if they arrive first and will ensure that the appropriate professionals arrive as soon as possible.

8. First-aid assistance

There isn’t always time to wait for a paramedic to come in an emergency, so having a security person trained in CPR and AED use could actually save a life.

Even basic first aid training can assist in stabilizing an injured person until professional help arrives.

9. Encourage positive behavior

While security guards are primarily concerned with crime, they can also assist in maintaining internal workplace discipline and crowd control.

When there is a security presence in the workplace, employees are considerably more likely to follow health and safety regulations and avoid small infractions that they might otherwise commit.

Professional security personnel will be trained in crowd control, and their presence at events will serve to limit the danger of fights and drunken and disorderly behavior.

10.Decrease Stress

Hiring security guards is a no-brainer if you want to lower your own and your employees’ stress levels.

You can concentrate on operating your business or managing a project while a team of professionals looks after your safety and security.

About the Author: Mendez Lorena